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tv   ABC7 News at 4  ABC  January 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm EST

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lower teens across martinsburg, charlestown, hancock. frederick at 12 degrees. overnight lows from 19 degrees in pasadena outside of annapolis. 14 in gaithersburg. 16 in alexandria. 20 in the city. that combination means a lot of icy patches. give yourself extra time tonight and in the morning. high coulddiness. storminess to the south and stay there. we expect sunshine in the next couple of days. temperatures still stay in the 40's. the net result of all of this is daytime melting. that is good news. we look to see if there is warmer air or colder air around. for now, beautiful sunshine outside the belfort furniture weather center. back to you. michelle: sure is gorgeous. thank you, doug. in virginia, the roads are quickly getting better. but still a mess of a commute this morning. the first day back to work for many. couples with snow and ice made it tough to get around. it has some schools canceling for the rest of the week. so what played a factor in
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closing for the week you might be wondering. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg is in prince william county with the answer. jeff? jeff: we got words two hours ago, fairfax county closed the rest of the week. that makes loudoun, fairfax, prince william closed all week. the digging out at the actual schools is still going on. like at lake ridge middle school in woodbridge. a lot of the walkways have been cleared. but not all of them, as you can see. slippy, icy and wet. this is one of the factors that go into the district making the big decision to close schools for the week. buses, a major consideration. in fairfax county, 1600 yellow school buses hit the road county wide. school officials say the roads while perfectly plowed in some places are still slick and snowy in other places, simply not safe. school officials say many bus stops not clear. many sidewalks are still covered in snow and ice. in prince william, loudoun, fairfax county, schools closed
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last thursday and friday and will be closed all the rest of the week thanks to a big storm. >> looking at the low conditions how the sun is out. they should go back to school the latest by tomorrow. >> can't go back. a lot of kids are walking to school. the sides, if you drive around the side roads is not clean now. jeff: for the district themselves they say the closing schools and for this long in one stretch of time is a difficult decision. they say safety is far and away the number one priority. >> what has really happened with us and this event we don't feel it's safe. we have over 43,000 students who walk to school. the walkways and the pathway clearly are still treacherous. jeff: we see the mountain of snow all over the regions. prince william county are off next monday as well.
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for a previously teacher work day. so coming up we will look if the school district can spare all the snow days. as well as what it means for the parents who lives get put on hold while the kids are at home. until then live in woodbridge, jeff goldberg, news snooze. -- abc7 news. jonathan: a lot of schools are asking why haven't been plowed? d.c. over the last couple of days were offering meals to students who need assistance. >> are conditions now safe enough for a return to class? maryland bureau chief brad bell continues the team coverage from laurel. brad things are looking better out there. right? brad: it's two different problems. one of them is on the main road here. this is supposed to be a four-lane road. you can see the car, they had to swing in the left lane because the right lane remains
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completely snow-covered. the better news is what is going on in the community. we are here because this road may have been one of the last in prince george's county to get plowed. we came this morning in response to some of their complaints. the county responded with trucks. you can see asphalt. all across the county we can show you video, there are neighborhoods tonight that are breathing sighs of relief. in temple hills there were neighborhoods that had to wait a long time. the folks were telling us they hadn't seen a plow until 1:30 in the morning last night. so they are out shoveling because they did finally get a plow. breathing a sigh of relief. it was just in time. >> i am disappointed i have to be stuck here three days until i can get out. i can't get out until i get the car out of the snow. brad: she had a lot of work to do. there is a reminder that once
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the roads are cleared off, they have to get the sidewalks cleared. there is a sidewalk here. someone has to get it shoveled. that is the law. we will talk more about that when we come back at 5:00. in laurel, brad bell, abc7 news. michelle: thank you, brad. metro service is almost back to normal on the rails. all stations are open even on the silver line. that is the last one added. trains are running every eight minutes on each line. not every six minutes like normal rush hour service. there are also fewer eight car trains. some of them are being repaired after leaving the third rail connector. metrobus on moderate snow plan. some may be detoured because of the snow and you can expect delays. jonathan: if you take marc the penn line on "s" schedule. brownwick has six trains and cam don has eight trains. v.r.e. riders have normal service today. that is a good sign. amtrak is fully back on schedule. all right. let's go back to scales for a
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second. kids, listen up. ready to stay home a couple more days? loudoun county classes canceled through friday. prince william county schools closed through friday. yea. >> in fairfax, the long weekend comes for the coming weekend. for a complete list of closings go to or check out the ticker at the bottom of the screens. i'm sure the parents are not as happy as the kids. michelle: crime alert in d.c. after two school administrators were shot. two were hit monday while schools were closed. d.c. bureau chief sam ford has this developing story from southeast. sam? sam: we are in the 1500 block. on monday night, two school administrators were sitting in a parked car when they were attacked. police say officers responded to the sounds of gunshots and found the pair here. police search confirm the victim, man and a woman were both school administrators.
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one at ballou stay high school, and the other at roosevelt stay high school. police say they are both suffering from serious gunshot wounds and are hospitalized. no word this evening as to any possible motive for the shooting. police released a photograph for a 23-year-old and there is a warrant out for an arrest in this case and the charge is assault with intent to kill. he's described 5'6", 160 pounds. again, both victims were hospitalizedded and both were administrators of the stay high school. one is ballou stay high school and the other is roosevelt stay high school. police are seeking public assistance finding who they believe was the attacker. reporting live in southeast washington, sam ford, abc7 news. jonathan: all right, sam, thanks. somebody was targeting businesses, specifically five businesses in the height of the blizzard. perhaps knowing the conditions were so bad that there wouldn't a quick response after them. stephen tschida explains how
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the blizzard bandit struck and who he was targeting. stephen: yeah, jonathan, the blizzard bandit was struck at the height of the storm. he hit five establishments, four 7-eleven and a restaurant in beltsville. and here in college park. we have surveillance shots of him. check out the pictures. look at his legs. he clearly trekked through knee-deep snow to rob these businesses. this is what prince george's police have to say about the suspect in this case. >> what is going on in the blizzard? >> we had a man that took advantage of the community in the senate of emergency. he committedded five armed robberies in beltsville and college park community in the blizzard that we were dealing with. while the community was very much crippled. >> that is what the victims tell us, too.
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they express that the suspect took advantage of a difficult situation for them. you can see he was covered and wearing a mask. a full face mask. very hard to get an i.d. on this blizzard bandied. -- blizzard bandit. stephen tschida, abc7 news. jonathan: coming up at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- potential for the morning mess. the falling temps and a possible refreeze. michelle: chicago courting d.c. top cop. rahm emanuel's team reaches out to chief cathy lanier. her response in an exclusive interview coming up. jonathan: deadly end to traffic stop involving the oregon occupiers. are things coming to a conclusion or are they heating up again? michelle: was it an empty promise or a simple misunderstanding when some montgomery county residents wake up to find snow-blocked streets? the plight as they wait for a plow coming up on abc7 news at 4:30.
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jonathan: we are now learning more about the officers and the refuge in oregon. michelle: tension boiledover.
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we have the latest on the investigation. >> time for everybody in this illegal occupation to move on. there doesn't have to be bloodshed in the community. >> law enforcement officials speaking out on the deadly shoot out with anti-government protesters. >> let me be clear. it is the action and choices from the armed occupiers that led us where we are today. actions are not without consequences. >> we are told members of the armed group on the way to the community meeting when gunfire erupted in a traffic stop. investigators say lavon finikin and ryan bundy refused orders. bundy was wounded. lavoy's family says he was killed. >> they unloaded on him and shot him a bunch of times. they killed him. >> eight protesters are now in f.b.i. custody. one arrested in arizona. not all of them were involved
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in the traffic stop. jason patrick is one of the occupiers. >> they told us we could safely leave. the group that was leaving has a dead man in it. another man that left was in arizona and he is in custody. they said peaceful resolution the whole time. it depends what you believe. >> law enforcement officials say they will continue to empty the refuge of those who illegally occupy it. the goal is to move them in safest way possible so that way they say the community can heal. in new york, abc7 news. michelle: a man accused of plotting a terror attack in wisconsin is now behind bars. criminal complaint alleges he bought machine guns. according to the f.b.i., hamza described on surveillance tape the plan to launch the attack with two other radicals. abc affiliate learned he was fired from the job at the gym.
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the employer says he was aggressive with clients and made negative comments about america. >> that shot up a huge red flag. about how terrible the both we have. michelle: the two other radicals were undercover f.b.i. agents who began a sting operation last september. jonathan: hundreds of documents related to the conviction of the boston marathon bomber dzhokhar tsarnaev has been made public. he and his brother killed four people and injured 260 others in two explosions at the finish line at the race in 2013. one was killed in the man hunt and the other was convicted. today they ordered documents unsealed. well, in the district, the city top cop has been rumored as the type of chief that chicago would want for the vacancy. that city is going through a
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major overhaul after several police incidents were caught on camera. d.c. chief cathy lanier spoke exclusively. a great question you asked her. >> thank you, sir. thank you, jonathan. metropolitan police chief cathy lanier came in this morning for the monthly discussion. live on the air she broke the news that chicago mayor rahm emanuel staff reached out to her about his city's police department opening. the chief acknowledged it's flattering to be asked but for now she intends to remain in washington. >> for me the timing is just not right for me to be looking for another job. i love washington, d.c. this is where i spent my whole adult life as a police officer. i love working for mayor bowser. she a great mayor and i love my police department. everybody says you know when it's time to go. i guess i will know when the time is to go but not right
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now. >> the outreach from the mayor's office in chicago, the third largest city is a reminder that lanier developed a national reputation from her perch in national capital. the wide-ranging interview that focused on the handling to the blizzard is online. you can see it all online. we invite you to catch "news talk" every morning at 11:00 on newschannel8. jonathan: get a look on the roads. jamie sullivan has ian on traffic. better going today? jamie: i don't know i say better. better as far as the conditions. with the traffic, we have right through the bushes a few flashing lights. this is an accident on 270 northbound. right at old georgetown road. at the start of 270 getting further north. traffic gets by. let's talk about the other issues we are seeing. this is causing a backup to the map. heading northbound to the outer loop. trying to work toward rock
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belt we drop down to 12 miles per hour. if you are heading in on 66 trying to get to the beltway. because of the weather conditions they are still doing that snow removal. 66 eastbound. the ramp to get to the capital beltway is currently closed. southbound we had a crash blocking lane. but the backup to the pentagon takes 40 minutes. we had a lot of people that went into work today. all of the people trying to get home. even if they left early still going to be an issue. there is snow removal in certain areas. keep that in mind. rolling closures and partial closures on the b.w. parkway, clara barton. be aware they are doing removal. be very careful out there. still. that is a look at traffic. back to you. jonathan: thank you. michelle: we have made great progress in terms of the melting but now we are looking at the possibility of refusing. doug: refreezing. that is a big story tonight.
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an area they don't have to worry about the kids going to school tomorrow is montgomery county. they are closed tomorrow. yesterday we are sitting here and this is the time lapse i showed you in the day. everything was covered. the plows came about 60 feet up the driveway. jonathan: and they stopped. doug: and they stopped. see what they did today at cardinal ridge in centreville. go back. i can claim illness for this. no problem. watch today. come in, climb in, not through the parking lot yet. that's it. fairfax closed. jonathan: it is going to melt before they plow it. doug: it will get there. sooner or later they will get everything done here. michelle: maybe. doug: what melts during the day refreezes overnight. with the snow and the puddles and the water across the roadways the sun and the breezes can only dry up so much. with the temperatures tonight. not going a little below freezing. a lot below freezing. ice is a serious problem starting toward 11:00 tonight and overnight through the
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early morning hours. we are not as warm as yesterday. with the sun and low 40's. that is plenty warm enough to continue the melting process. that is good. but nighttime tonight it gets cold. 30 degrees north and west of the metro area. chicago and -- pittsburgh and columbus. warmer south. we are watching the atmosphere a disturbance to the south that will miss us. we will see the clear skies. the future cast shows us storminess to the south/southeast. it will miss us totally. we'll be clear. a cold front will come through our way on the day friday. the timing is great. the storm will miss us and move to sea before the cold air arrives. it's breezy again on friday. warmer over the weekend. the forecast tomorrow partly to mostly cloudy. 44. that is the average temperaturers for the end of january here. cooler and breezy on friday. the weekend warms up. check this. it will not freeze overnight
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over saturday, sunday or beyond. that is good news. no refreeze. 46 on saturday. 56 on sunday and monday. look at this, close to 60 by wednesday. huge storm, huge storm is developing west of the appalachians next tuesday, wednesday time frame. we will be on the warm side. we might get thunderstorms. jonathan: lots of rain. >> rain and thunderstorms by wednesday. michelle: better than the weekend preceding it. >> thank you, doug. michelle: we want to know how you think d.c. handles the snowstorm. a poll is open now on the twitter page. at we will look at this in half an hour. jonathan: you know how folks on a blocked street will weigh in. still ahead for us in a few minutes. was it a broken promise? explanation for why some montgomery county roads were missed as the sun became the biggest help today. michelle: but first, the virus prompting travel warnings. zika shows up in virginia. what is it and how could it affect you? that is next on "abc7 news at 4:00".
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jonathan: health alert. zika virus. michelle: diane cho is here. the virus is especially concern for pregnant women. >> only one in five who get the infection will get sick from it. the centers for disease control and prevention says there is a possible connection between infection and pregnant women and neurological conditions that cause babies to be born with abnormally small heads.
4:26 pm
jonathan: still ahead at "abc7 news at 4:00" -- will donald debate? he says no. his rival ted cruz is having fun with the campaign show gan saying, "make trump debate again." standoff with fox news. bernie sanders hose wh
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announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news alert. leon: leon harris in the newsroom. we are just getting the information in from the police in waldorf, maryland. we understand a 2-year-old child has been shot. we understand it happened in the 3300 block of potaskco place in waldorf. the child was shot in the leg. what we don't know at this point is how that happened. we don't know if a child had a gun or if someone else had a gun. news chopper 7 is on the way
4:30 pm
there to get the latest information. there you see the live shot from the chopper to waldorf, maryland. as soon as we get there we will give you more information. all we know the child is shot in the leg and is now transported to the hospital. again, we understand the injuries are not life threatening but somehow, some way the child was shot. we will have more information on that for you right here in a bit. jonathan, back to you. jonathan: all right. thank you. >> under the circumstances we have done a very good job. keep in mind 40 inches of snow in the county. 5,000 lane miles, having to haul in urban areas all the snow. i'm standing before you and saying we would have made a pass in every neighborhood by 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. jonathan: he made a guarantee. that was ike leggett yesterday. many woke up to the
4:31 pm
snow-covered roads in the county today. the plows didn't find the road. montgomery county reporter kevin lewis has a frustration built in this morning. with a guarantee like that yesterday, every resident who didn't get plowed has every reason to be frustrated. kevin: i agree with you there. while we have no idea how many streets in montgomery county haven't seen a snowplow by 7:00 a.m. i spoke to 17 people that live on 11 different streets today that all say they didn't see a snowplow and they feel ike leggett broke the conference. that includes streets that for 88 hours after snow fell no plow came down. that came around 3:00 today. a plowed truck right behind my photographer. you pan over and you can see it. it has now cleared the street. residents are still irritated. i will show you what the conditions on the road looked like earlier today when we first arrived here. there is a deep slant down a
4:32 pm
hill which only added to the inability for residents to get out of here for four days after snow fell. we also visited a lockville cul-de-sac where a man who has parkinson's had to use his own red chevy pickup truck to clear out his neighborhood. he felt he could have a medical emergency. emergency crews were going to have a hard time reaching him. residents very frustrated. >> i can tell you i felt trapped the last couple of days. going stir crazy. it would be nice to leave our house and go do what we do every day. >> taken to the hospital a few weeks ago. my neighbor, too. i have parkinson's now so i'm a little concerned. i couldn't get out and the paranoia coming. if something happens how would they get to me?
4:33 pm
>> back out live here, you can see the salt spread on the roads here. as we speak. people in the neighborhood happy. sentiment is better late than never. coming up at 5:00, i will tell you what ike leggett says was a misunderstanding in yesterday's press conference. i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. michelle: thank you. are you wondering why all the snow ends up at r.f.k. before it melts? you can't simply just dump it in the potomac. it does end up there anyway. we are following the snow and we will have the answer to why one more stop before it ends up in the river. we will have the details on the process tonight at "abc7 news at 5:00". jonathan: so now just about two hours the d.c. snow emergency will be lifted, which means taxi fares return to normal. no more $15 surcharge. parking restrictions also lifted. if you are towed you can find where the car was taken by calling 311. again the snow emergency in d.c. is scheduled to expire at
4:34 pm
6:30 this evening. michelle: one emergency out of the way. another one, the ice. two photos. doug: there is disruption, mess, all kind of thing with the snow. but there is fun every now and then. we want to take cynthia balla in ashburn. cookie monster. michelle: i love the dye. doug: send us the pictures whether it's happy or stuff that show other things. we'll be happy to show them. talk about the weather. conditions are changing. temperatures in the 40's and the upper 30's. that is good for melting. snow melting. tonight the temperatures from 39 to 42 degrees right now will go the other way. by early tomorrow morning, clear skies and light winds 15 in college park. 23 in prince frederick. 24 in leonardtown. light winds and clear skies. there will be a refreeze. puddles or running water. anything from melting snow,
4:35 pm
multiple icy patches. potential hazards to watch out for tomorrow morning. average wake up is 21. 40 in midday. 44 in the afternoon. so after the icy spots we will melt it off again. getting through the next seven days the temperatures will feel outside. we will see the temperatures up to about 42 on friday. behind the cold front we'll be breezy. look over the weekend. 46 on saturday. 53 on monday. chance of showers and a big storm develop in the southern mississippi valley. headed to great lakes. make news in that direction. for us we'll be on the warm side. get thunderstorms. temperatures approaching 60 degrees by wednesday. that is it for the moment. michelle? michelle: all right. thank you. today a federal appeals court is debating a virginia transgender student challenge to the school's restroom policy. the high school junior gavin was born female but identifies in male. in december 20142 school board adopted a policy requiring the students to use the bathroom
4:36 pm
that corresponds to the biological gender or use the private single stall restrooms a judge ruled against him in september. jonathan: how about this one? maryland is offering an incentive for students to graduate early. governor hogan signed an order to offer $6,000 scholarship to students that finish in three years or less. on average 1,000 maryland substitutes graduate early every year. the new program will be available in students who enter college in the fall of 2016. talk about the politics now. president obama hosts bernie sanders at the white house this morning in the first time that the two met directly since the race for the white house began. it comes as donald trump says he is boycotting the upcoming fox news debate. not going to be there. as stephanie ramos reports it's been a wild day out on the campaign trail. reporter: bernie sanders got a taste of the white house. the few staffers and his wife,
4:37 pm
sanders met with president obama in the oval hour. an hour later he emerged from the west wing saying he had a productive meeting with the president. >> foreign policy issues, domestic issues, occasionally a little bit of politics. >> did he ask for an endorsement? >> of course not. >> a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows his rival leading nationally. but he has cut into her lead. today clinton is in iowa rallying support in the bowling alley. >> get the first chance to speak up in the entire world about what you are looking for. >> on the g.o.p. side, the very public riff between g.o.p. presidential fond runner donald trump and fox news is boiling over again. trump trump's campaign says he is skipping the g.o.p. presidential debate on fox this thursday. >> i won't be doing the debate. >> the real estate billionaire took to social media blasting
4:38 pm
moderator megyn kelly. the same fox news anchor he feuded with after the g.o.p. debate. ted cruz now challenging trump to a one-on-one debate. >> if he is unwilling to stand on debate stage with the other candidates i would like to invite donald right now to engage in a one-on-one debate with me anytime between now and the iwua caucus -- iowa caucuses. >> fox news insist trump is still welcomed on the stage tomorrow night. stephanie ramos, abc news. michelle: following breaking news out of waldorf, maryland, where a 2-year-old child was shot. police is investigating if this is an accidental shooting and if the child got ahold of a gun. the child was shot in the leg and being transported to the hospital. the child's father said he was sleeping when he heard a bang. he got up to see what it was he found his child. we will have the update on the child's condition as soon as we get it. live look from chopper 7. jonathan: millionaire real
4:39 pm
estate heir robert durst will plead guilty to weapons charge in new orleans next week according to his lawyer. it will put him one step closer to facing murder charges in california. investigators say he was preparing to leave the country before his march arrest. durst was convicted in 2003 of dismembering a neighbor but avoided a murder conviction by claiming self-defense. last year he was charged in yet another murder. coming up for us how you can own a piece of "back to the future." the delorean. it's back in commission. michelle: whole foods with half the stock value in two years. the latest blow to the grocery
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michelle: saturday in the blizzard this 1977 union truck made by mercedes was once owned by arnold schwarzenegger. it is nine feet tall and it weighs six tons. he autographed the dashboard before he told it to the texas direct auto dealership in houston. the dealer has it listed on ebay for a mere $350,000. you got that. jonathan: that is a rig you want. i don't have that. but i would love to have the rig. especially in a snowstorm. you could do everything. still ahead for us, planning to go to the auto show in the market to buy a new car? they have rooms full of them. we will let you know which companies sold the most in 2015. good yea
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alison: good afternoon. i'm a a in the newsroom. we asked you to grade the city response to the blizzard of
4:47 pm
2016. majority of you are saying it was okay. or maybe better than that. not too many are willing to say it was excellent. but four in ten are saying the city failed. it really seems to depend on exactly which part of d.c. you live in. they replied on twitter saying the region was unequipped and unprepared for a storm like this. the midwest would be up and running the same day. the poll is open right now. you can weigh in all evening long. find us on twitter at abc7 news. we will share more discussion throughout the evening right here. i want to let you know what is coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- as you know metro is back up and running. but at a cost. find out why there aren't as many eight car trains on the tracks right now. plus turning off the falls? a look at the plan to stop the water at niagara. that is coming up at 5:00.
4:48 pm
jonathan: we continue to follow breaking news out of waldorf, maryland, where a 2-year-old child was shot. live pictures over the apartment complex where it happened. child was shot in the leg. the injuries are not life threatening. not taking any chances. the child was whisked from the apartment complex and taken by helicopter to the hospital. what is happening now an investigation is underway to figure out how the 2-year-old came in contact with a gun and was shot. as soon as we get more information on the investigation we'll be sure to let you know. moving on now, today people in the area and around the world are marking international holocaust remembrance day. michelle: as kellye lynn reports this is an opportunity to recognize millions of people killed and honorthose who survived. kellye: the images are painful and the stories unforgettable. >> it was my family and myself. some of the families that remain behind. most of them later on were
4:49 pm
killed. >> i was six months old w had to go into hiding because the transport deportation was starting from holland to the death camps in poland. kellye: international holocaust remembrance day recognized around the world and in washington at the u.s. holocaust memorial museum. this remembrance days follows on the anniversary of the liberation of the auschwitz death camp in poland. >> one of the major goals is to make sure the stories are never forgotten. kellye: survivor louisa israel lived with her brother and parents in attic in amsterdam for three years not far from where ann frank was hidden. she, too, wants the world to never forget the holocaust. >> people need to remember what happened 71 years ago. but they need to remember it hasn't stopped since. genocide still goes on in the world. kellye: nat schaefer who now lives in silver springs he said the immediate family
4:50 pm
survived but 30 other relatives were not so fortunate. >> to make sure i was there. not to forget. in southwest, kellye lynn, abc7 news. jonathan: investigators are looking into a possible 11th death as a result of the takata faulty air bags. the driver of the 2007 honda killed in a crash a couple of years ago. what is unclear right now is whether the air bag inflator sent shrapnel in the victim in india. the u.s. government documents said the inflator did explode in the crash. defect in the takata air bag prompted the largest auto recall. michelle: it turns out toyota is still number one. the top-selling auto maker in 2015. moving more than 10 million cars. at one point volkswagen topped toyota in global sales last year but that was before the emission scandal came out. jonathan: let's turn our attention to the weather. we put him outside as the
4:51 pm
human thermometer. it's gorgeous outside. michelle: it is but the temperatures are starting to drop. steve: they are starting to drop. it's nice out here considering how awful it was a couple of days ago. now it's upper 30's to the lower 40's. you can see what is going on outside. the temperatures we can deal with it. looking at the 39 degrees in frederick. 41 in luray. 39 in andrews. further west you go in the upper 20's. elks, west virginia. satellite and radar the skies cleared out nicely. cleared skies for the overnight will allow the temperatures to plummet. they will plummet quickly. nighttime lows range from 12 to 24 degrees. mainly clear skies. look for roadways to refreeze. be careful. come early tomorrow morning. nice rebound in the temperatures today tomorrow. thursday will be 44 degrees for a high. winds out of the south around 5 miles per hour. looking forward to the upcoming weekend. ahh, sigh of relief. a lot of folks finally get a break. mid-40's on saturday.
4:52 pm
sunday around 53 degrees. a lot of sunshine. seven-day outlook will show temperatures on monday in the lower 50's. around 50 on tuesday. by wednesday of next week. daytime highs near 60. so the snow quickly, quickly going to melt away. let's get a check on the rush hour commute. straight to jamie sullivan. good evening. jamie: we are starting off in virginia on the capital beltway. you can see sun glare. some areas the sun glare is worse because the sun reflects off the snow. have sunglasses for tomorrow morning. move to the maps, crash on 270 northbound is gone. we are still slowing from connecticut avenue. continuing north and getting to 270. if you are heading outbound on 66, we are okay. it's heading inbound on 66 that we have the ramps to the capital beltway closed off. 395 seeing a delay. let's head out to joce sterman in mobile track 7 on the beltway in montgomery county.
4:53 pm
joce? joce: jamie, hate to jinx it. the traffic so far today on the commute for this evening has been good. the only buildup we saw was the one you mentioned on 495 on the approach to 270. things did clog up. otherwise we have been moving on a steady click on the inner loop of the beltway. this is the way i have seen it the last two nights. hopefully it will remain this way. we will continue the beltway to check out the other popular commute routes tonight. we will keep you posted on mobile track 7. back to you. jonathan: thank you very much. michelle: credit cards easy as a single flight but not so secure. and the switch to the new chip is painfully slow. how can you avoid getting is painfully slow. how can you avoid getting
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john: gas stationers have two more years to switch to the chip readers and that gives thieves two more years to scam as many customers as they can. from the doesn't that stink file, the slow rollout of the e.m.t. chip cards. less than hatch of the stores are using them now. most major grocery chains and the smaller businesses are
4:58 pm
still asking you to swipe. some say it's technical issues but for most it's the cost of switching over. hopefully in 2018, those cards will be a thing of the past. but until then be extra careful so you don't waste your money. i'm john matarese, abc7 news. leon: a broken pledge? every street in county not plowed this morning. why a local leader says he enever promised it would be. too much time off. how the county plan to handle snow days that keep piling up. speaking of piles? we answer the question where is the melting snow going to go? announcer: from abc7 news, this is a breaking news report. leon: that is from of waldorf, maryland, where a 2-year-old has been shot. michelle marsh has the very latest.
4:59 pm
michelle? michelle: the child was shot in a leg in an apparent along patapsco place. news chopper 7 was just over the scene where the child was airlifted to the hospital. the child's father says he was sleeping when he heard a bang and that is when he found the 2-year-old shot. the police don't know what happened or how it played out. they are investigating if the child somehow got ahold of that gun. we have a crew on the way to the scene in waldorf. we will have an update once they arrive. in the newsroom, michelle marsh, abc7 news. alison: okay. keep us posted on that breaking news. back to the weather now. and the digout. the beauty of this weekend's blizzard is giving way to piles of dirty snow. leon: it always does. alison: knew it would happen. leon: today's warmer weather did help some of it melt. some school systems are struggling to get the kids back to classrooms. washington county schools in maryland will be closed for the rest of the week.
5:00 pm
alison: montgomery county schools will be closed tomorrow. we do know that d.c. schools will be open tomorrow. we will let you know if we hear from any other school system in the next hour. leon: metro, the trains at the rail stations tonight. but not as many eight car trains as usual. wmata tells abc7 news some of the rail cars have been taken out of service. they were damaged by the snow and the ice. some of the collector shoe devices on the train are designed to break away if they encounter anything on the third rail. they are coming off if they hit snow or ice. metro says it's normal after this storm. hopes to have more eight car trains on the track tomorrow morning. alison: we have team coverage today as we dig out from the storm.


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